Proper Sandpaper Grits

Proper Grit of Sandpaper for Lightweight Compounds
By Myron Ferguson
Sanding drywall may be our least favorite part of the finishing process but it is often where the quality of the job is made or broken.
Many of us are finishing our joints and fasteners with the lighter weight compound because they dry faster, are easier to feather and smooth, and most importantly (in my opinion) because they are easier to sand. This softer, easier to sand compound needs to be sanded with a finer grit sandpaper. I suggest a 200 or 220 grit paper.
I sanded out a house last year that someone else had taped and all the taping was done with the heavy weight compound. I only embed my tape in a heavyweight compound and fill and finish with the lightweights. On this job I used a 180 grit paper because the compound was harder to sand and also did not scratch as easily.
Ok, so you have sanded with the proper grit paper and now you go around touching up with a dry sanding sponge. Don’t mess things up with too course of a touch up sander, everyplace you touch with the course grit may leave a mark that will show after painting.

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