Drywall Jobs Going as Planned

By Myron Ferguson

Below is a link to a column in Walls & Ceilings Magazine’s June 2019 issue. You may have to sign up for a free subscription to read the entire column. I think it is very interesting because I have experienced a lot of the issues mentioned. It was worse earlier in career but even today issues spring up even with the best planning. The result is I make less money on the job per hour.
I never even look at jobs that are going out to bid and I like to avoid work where too tight of a schedule is planned. I currently work alone or with a single helper so it does not take a lot of work to keep me busy and although I work productively I am not really fast. But my customers love me and I offer a high quality finished job.
I would say scheduling is my biggest problem and the reason I often don’t make as much per hour as I would like. A job is seldom completely ready when scheduled. I didn’t schedule other work for the dates so I scramble to fill in with a small job I really didn’t want or I show up on the scheduled job and busy myself. Often when one jobs starts late it will linger into the dates I scheduled for the next job. So next thing I know is I am working overtime to finish up or start the next.
I still prefer this over what is discussed in the W & C column.


link to W&C Column

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