Jobsite Safety: Life or Death

I wrote this blog right after my cousin’s funeral in May 2019. I didn’t plan on posting and maybe I shouldn’t have. Maybe the message I want to send to my readers is that as contractors we like the feeling we get from getting things done. I know in my family we pride ourselves in being very productive. Sometimes following proper safety measures means being a little less productive. Take the time to be safe, it is worth it.

Be Safe
By Myron Ferguson
My cousin fell off a roof and died.
When I got the call I was shocked and upset and couldn’t really talk about it. I have been feeling pretty sad ever sense. Even though the funeral is now over I still can’t believe it really happened.
Losing someone who I grew up with, even though we really didn’t get together that often in the past few years it was still like losing a brother.
I have been lucky up until now because I haven’t lost anyone unexpectedly before. When I think about my cousin, I have a lot of great memories. Our lives and most of our conversations centered around building (We were contractors). We taped a house together this past winter and I am grateful for that time, the conversations we had, and the memories.
I wish he was not gone, and I wish he had worn a safety harness.

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