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About This Is Drywall

This Is Drywall is an interactive drywall site for contractors, remodelers, and anyone interested in Construction. We want to promote active dialogue although we do ask that any dialogue is held in a professional manner.

Our goal is to have a platform to express ideas and interact with piers on drywall and related topics.  In addition to help advance the professional building trade.

We will consider any suggestions that you may have.  Just go to the contact page

Myron R. Ferguson – Publisher

Linda Ferguson- Managing Editor


About Myron R. Ferguson:

Myron is a fourth generation NYS Building Contractor, with 30 plus years as a drywall contractor. He is member of the National Association of Homebuilders. Author of the bestselling book, Drywall; Professional Techniques for Great Results, (4th Edition), as well as a 1 hour companion video, Taunton Press. Book has sold over 400,000 copies. Has a DVD out; Drywall Repairs (2008).  When he is not getting his hands dirty in his drywall contracting company he travels the country teaching drywall and related topics at trade shows, lumberyards, tech schools and for construction companies.  In 2009 Myron became certified in building envelope and building analyst from BPI.  In 2010 became a green building verifier.  In addition is a regular contributor to Fine Homebuilding, Journal of Light Construction, and Walls and Ceilings magazine.